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New RailsBridge Meetup Series

Keep Learning With Us!

We’re excited to announce that we’re kicking off two new meetup series for the RailsBridge Chicago community! Check out our Meetup page for current event postings. Workshops are our bread and butter, but we want our members to be able to keep learning between workshops and stay connected and engaged. So what are these events about? Let’s take a look!

RailsBridge Mini

This meetup series features evening mini courses that expand upon the curriculum from our main workshops. Our local curriculum gals have been hard at work writing new content for you all and are excited to open it up to our students! Once these curricula have been vetted through RailsBridge Mini we’ll be adding them into our workshop curriculum as “advanced modules”, so you’ll be both learning new things and helping us expand the RailsBridge repertoire. Pretty neat, huh?

Our instructors will lead the class through the curriculum, and we’ll have plenty of TAs on hand to help you as you code. Each event will focus on a different part of a Ruby on Rails application, from using Active Record like a pro to delivering a good lookin’ user interface.

These classes are geared towards those who have already completed a RailsBridge workshop since they are building on the completed Intro to Rails app. If you haven’t attended a workshop but have some experience with Rails, you are still welcome to attend if you complete our Intro to Rails curriculum and bring your finished app. If you attended a workshop but don’t have your completed app on hand, no worries—we’ll have a copy on hand that you can use. But we do ask that you have gone through it so that everyone can move forward together smoothly.

Rails Rocketeer Roundup

These monthly events will focus on getting our members together to work on projects, teach each other, and socialize. Each roundup will kick off with lightning talks by our members followed by good ol’ fashioned coding time. You’ll be able to work on your own projects or pair up with the people around you to tackle something together. If you don’t have something you’re working on, we’ll help you find a project or coding challenge that’s right for you. If you want to pair up and code with someone else, we’ll find you a partner. If you’re stuck on something, we can give you advice or help you find someone to work through it with you. Perfect practice time!

But what’s this lightning talk thing about? For starters: a lightning talk is simply a short talk (5-10 minutes, but we’re flexible), as formal or informal as you’d like. We’ll have people sign up to give talks for each event, posted in the comments on the Meetup event page.

What do you talk about? Talks related to programming are great! But you can also give a talk on anything else interesting you’d like to share with the group. We want to provide a supportive environment where you can practice your public speaking skills and share whatever knowledge you have! Is there a Ruby trick you’ve learned since going to one of our workshops? Do you want to show the world how to make a fun bash prompt? Do you have a technique for how to cope when you’ve got a bug in your code that you just can’t get out? Want to teach us how to tie a really good knot? Whatever you want to share, we’re open to it!

Stay in the loop!

Remember: all RSVPs for these event series will be done through our Meetup page , so be sure to join to be kept up to date on when we have upcoming events. We hope to see you there! And as always: code on, sisters.