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Last December's Workshop

Check out these programmers!

Tomorrow we will be kicking off our second ever workshop (wahooo!) and to celebrate we are– finally –posting the pictures we have from our workshop in December. You can look back at the wee babes you were before you knew you could make a Rails app! Or, if you didn’t attend, you can see what a RailsBridge workshop looks like.

This was our chapter’s first workshop, and a pretty massive one with 85 students and 35 TAs, so we were definitely in deep! But our students were eager to learn, our TAs were excited to help, and by the end of the day we saw some women code some pretty impressive Rails apps.

The workshop was hosted at Brad’s Deals, where I am currently working as a developer, and my co-worker Jeff Couturier was awesome enough to take some really nice photos of our Installfest. Our students and TAs got right to it on Friday, and the Installfest was almost immediately in full swing!

But it wasn’t just us in there—there were muppets aplenty cheering us on.

Our TAs and organizers were delivering some installfest realness:

And the plentiful pizza got us through even the most perplexing errors.

(Thus marks the end of Jeff’s awesome pictures! Thanks Jeff! The rest are compiled from twitter and the organizers’ own pictures.)

Once the students were gone for the night we got to work putting up decorations for the next day—but first we had a little fun with the balloon stockpile.

The next day, balloons strung high, we welcomed our students back and had a fantastic day of coding!

We learned a lot from the lectures by our TAs:

And, of course, we had a lot of fun.

Thank you so much to everyone who attended our first workshop and helped make it a success! We are incredibly excited to jump back in tomorrow, and we hope to see some of you there. If you’d like to see your pictures of the next workshop up on our photo roundup post, don’t forget to tag them with #RailsBridgeChi. Code on, sisters!